Common Mobile Ticketing Problems

Published: 26th May 2011
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With the rise of mobile commerce in India in the last few years, almost any commercial service is available online, and on your phone. Mobile bookings are just as common as e-booking and online registrations. With instant on-application payment solutions, and mobile Internet services; you can book everything from movie tickets to holiday tours from your phone. Mobile ticketing is great for expansion, but retailers online do need to watch out for the nuisances that come attached to this form of mobile commerce. With a market of nearly a billion people, itís a valuable source of business expansion to adopt phone commerce. It can effectively solve the problems of reach and fast delivery of services to the customer. But in the long run, any good company must be careful of the typical problems that come associated with phone ticketing services.

As we look into the world of mobile ticketing and phone based commercial solutions, much of the major problems were solved since the arrival of smart phones and 3rd generation Internet services. Superfast mobile Internet and wireless connections allows fast processing of big data packets usually necessary with mobile commerce. Retailers online began to create better websites specifically custom made for phone usage. With a considerably smaller screen, and various handling restriction, mobile web pages are considerably different from computer based websites. Mobile booking too has very different specialties when compared to computer based solutions.

#1 Avoid Lots of Text: The largest mobile screens are about 5 inches across, while tablets and touch devices may be up to 15 inches diagonally. But they are in no way as easy to navigate as laptops and computers. A smaller screen required the web pages to be more edited to tabs and buttons than huge texts that people would have a difficult time reading. The ticketing terms and conditions may be given with the forms, but it is necessary to send in an automatic email for later closer scrutiny.

#2 Touch Friendly Moves: Touch sensitivity in modern software is steadily gaining ground as a vital development measure. All the latest touch screen devices have sensitive multi-touch recognition (Android 2.3 gingerbread, iOS 4 and later models). However, mobile booking platforms arenít catching up to it yet. If you already have website, prepare it for mobile ticketing by redevelopment for cell phone usage. A good web development company should easily facilitate these solutions.

#3 Conditions Transparency is Vital: Retailers online need to understand how important it is to be candid and transparent with ticketing norms and regulations. Terms and conditions are a part of every business offer, or discount package; but being clear about them during extensive mobile booking helps your brand enormously! When people find the clear expression of the necessary conditions to avail an offer; they value the company as more reliable and trustworthy.

#4 Niche Market Reach: Social Media has stepped into phones as well, and people are on Facebook Ďmobileí far more than they are on their computers. This offers retailers online a way to selective market research and choosing your target audience well. One of the major problems in branding is viral marketing that doesnít constrict itself to necessary niches.

Mobile ticketing is a perfect way to expand business, but the need of finding the right consumers is still vital.

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