How Is Mobile Ticketing Advantageous?

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Are you thinking of attending an event but, are too short of time to go and get the tickets? Then, mobile ticketing is the best solution for you. Whether you are attending or organizing programs, mobile ticketing is beneficial for every stage of an event – whether it is a movie or a seminar. Let’s take a short glance at the advantages of mobile ticketing for the organizers and event planners.
Organizers can install a mobile ticketing platform, especially customized for the specific event. Through such a platform they can send event guides and tickets to the potential customers and attendees of the meeting. Today, ideally event should have minimally staffed registration desk. The staffs should be engaged in more productive work, while the automated software takes care of the tasks like attendee registration, tracking necessary financial details, and database maintenance. If software is not used for such tasks it would lead to confusion and chaos before the ticket counters on the day of the event. In short the benefits of mobile booking for event organizers are provided below:
• One of the major benefits of mobile ticketing is that the producers and event managers can book tickets till the very last minute of the program. This thus, ensures maximum revenue earning.
• The tickets and coupons can be sent directly to the cell phones of the prospective customers. There is also no need for paper tickets or print outs of the e-tickets. The customers just have to bring along their mobile phone to the event.
• It increases revenue and improve sales.
• Reduce operational costs and thereby, increase efficiency. Mobile tickets are less expensive than handling, printing and mailing tickets.
• Such a software helps the program organizers to track attendees automatically in real-time.
• Event organizers can sale tickets and send promotional information about the forthcoming events of the company.
While mobile e-commerce software allows the managers and the organizers to held meetings and seminars effectively, such software integration is also beneficial for the attendees and participants too. As the success of a company depends a great lot on the satisfaction and convenience of the customers, you should learn about the primary advantages of hosting a mobile ticketing integrated event:
• The integration of mobile e-commerce software has made it convenient and easier for the attendees or participants to do mobile booking. The customers can complete the process in just a few moments without the need to stand in long queues before the ticket counters or the need to be physically present at the ticket-booking site. Mobile payments are also very convenient.
• Mobile tickets are basically QR codes that are sent directly to the cell phones of the customers. So, now attendees will not get harassed for forgetting their tickets at home. There is also no need to print the tickets. The attendees just have to store the code sent to them and show it at the entrance to the event.
• With such an event guide, the attendees will be able to get information regarding the forthcoming events and programs. Furthermore, they will be able to get map of the venue and will be able to get requisite information about accommodation facilities and transportation.
Mobile ticketing is the new fad amongst both the organizers and attendees. If you have not installed mobile ticketing
software, then you should install Cart2mobile. It is basically an e-commerce platform through which you can do shopping and buy tickets and coupons for events and movies. So what are you waiting for? Check this amazing software out immediately!

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