How To Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Published: 17th May 2011
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Building a website with shopping cart software is not enough to succeed in m-commerce. You must also find ways to drive your customers to the site, engage them with things of their interest, and allure them to make a deal. However, many retailers and traders find it difficult to close the deal with the customers. The online shopping cart is abandoned most of the time. These incomplete transactions are like a bane to the online dealers and efforts are being persistent to reduce shopping cart abandonment. According the leading firm Customer Experience Management (CEM) that evaluated the experiences of about 719 customers brought forward the fact that about 31% of the customers abandon the cart as they find the sites unstable or unreliable. Further 27% of the customers found the checkout process of various sites confusing and abandoned their carts in the middle of a transaction. Following are some more causes for shopping cart abandonment that you should strive to eliminate:

• As stated in the data by Customer Experience Management, the complicated check-out process is often the number one reason for abandonment of cart. You should therefore choose appropriate, user-friendly e-commerce shopping cart software. Keep in mind that your customers might not be comfortable in giving out too much personal information. It would be better to allow the user to go through the entire process and then ask for the required information for registration.
• There is another thing that let the users to abandon the shopping cart – hidden costs. If, just before the checkout, the customers notice several additional charges and high shipping costs, they might just think the site unreliable and abandon the cart. So mention the costs upfront and keep transparency with your customers.
• The third but, one of the most important causes is not-editable review order. Many a times customers like to review their order before making the final purchase. It is better to have an editable page so the customers can edit the items on their cart. Make it a point to use e-commerce shopping cart software that let the users to amend their cart list at each and every point during their checkout process.

So, you can see that attracting people to your website is not that tough, provided you know their turn-offs. Look from the customer’s point-of-view and check the ease of using your m-commerce platform. Following are a few basic ideas to further help you with the prevention of shopping cart abandonment:

• You should keep a progress indicator at the top of your website. So, when the customers go through the purchasing process, they are able to measure their progress. Keep fewer steps to the final close-up. This will keep the customers glued.
• Ask for feedback about your website; even of the customers decide to abandon their cart half-way through. This will help you to provide better service.
• Make it a point to use distinctively different cancel order and continue buttons. This is to avoid accidental abandonment. Sometimes accidental clicking on the cancelation button is the cause of abandoning the shopping cart.
So, you can see that just by choosing the shopping cart software carefully, you can easily prevent abandonment. Use it to get success with your m-commerce strategies.

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