Journalism Courses in Kolkata: Strong Tools to Build Up Your Career

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Published: 26th January 2011
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In the past few decades, Kolkata has emerged as a city with excellent and modern world-class educational opportunities. The various institutions offering professional education have contributed greatly to put Kolkata ahead of her Indian counterparts in matters of professional educational services. In recent years, quite a large number of students have opted for journalism courses. This is mainly because of the large scale outsourcing writing jobs offered by the web development companies and spread of digital media as the most effective mode of communication.

A student with a degree or diploma in journalism can get lucrative job offers in the fields of content writing, web journalism, and social media marketing. Journalism itself has gone through a complete makeover and made an outstanding progress. With a journalism degree, a person can choose to work with television channels, newspapers, magazines, radios, and so on. Hence, many top level institutions also offer journalism courses in Kolkata.

A person with a graduation degree can apply for journalism courses. The career opportunities in this particular stream are incredible, right from the profession as a content writer to reporter, editor, photojournalist, feature writer- a person has a lot of options to choose from. Top institutes also offer diploma or certification courses, along with graduate or post graduate degree in Journalism. The short term courses include Advertising, PR, Creative Writing, News Editing, and many more. After finishing high school, a student can opt for these short term courses. The duration of different courses is normally from 6 months to 2 years.

Journalism courses are not preferred by the students only because of its glamour. People with creative minds find a strong platform in this field. Another attraction of doing this course is- along with the study a person can work as an intern at a media house simultaneously. Most institutions conduct an entrance test to check the ability of a person in the areas of speaking and writing in English, along with General Knowledge. Some even take IQ tests, because persons in this field are required to possess quick presence of mind.

There is no other way to convey the message, share information, sell products & services and reach out to millions of people than the social media sites like Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn and others. And the job can be perfectly done only by a person with journalism background. Hence, companies are looking for quality persons and offering high salary. Only doing journalism courses from reputed institutions can help a student get the job he or she dreams of.

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