Letís Explore the State and Scope of M-Commerce in India

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Published: 23rd May 2011
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Are you a shopaholic? If you are, and cannot devote ample time towards your favorite participation, m-commerce is the right platform to unleash your interests. There is a lot more that mobile commerce services can offer than just purchasing products & services. However, mobile commerce is quite prevalent in the foreign countries than the Indian Subcontinent. Shoppers in foreign countries are making the best possible use of mobile shopping applications. Purchasing sensibly anything is possible by using your handheld. An application is synchronized with your Smart phone that makes it easier for you to get the know-how of all products showcased. But the question is: Has m-commerce made way towards India? Yes, it is slowly announcing its arrival. But, some entrepreneurs and business owners have not yet shifted gears towards m-commerce. Some people do not like purchasing online, but some do.
It has been researched that only 2 million users in India prefer accessing the Internet through their handheld devices. Out of the entire metropolitan inhabitants who use mobile phones, only 2.8% of the entire figure prefers using their handhelds for checking mails and just 2.5% of the entire number uses Smart phones to look up the Internet for information. This statistical data is quite disappointing. The above showcased figure also reflects the scanty number of m-commerce users in the country. There is definitely something that holds them back. If m-commerce in India has to make an impact, the mass has to understand the benefits they can tap by using mobile commerce services.
The following points can be pretty handy in encouraging people to use m-commerce for hassle-free shopping through handhelds.
ē Convenience at your fingertips Ė The headache of moving around in showrooms, shopping malls and those bustling markets will remain no more. All that you would need to do is go through those online catalogues presented to you on your phone and make a choice out of the list you get.
ē Absolutely private transaction Ė The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) helps make every transaction of yours secure. This means that optimal level of security would be provided to you in all the transactions you make through your handheld device. Itís time that people in India establish their trust over technology. Punching your credit/debit card number is still considered to be unsafe by a pretty large section of the crowd in the Indian Subcontinent.
ē No boundaries of time/location Ė You can shop at any time of the day from any possible location as long as you have your Smart phone with you. The delivery of your choice of products also comes to you in your desired frame of time.
ē Reduction of transportation costs Ė You can now save substantial amount of money that you would spend over the fuel of your vehicle or other modes of transport. Isnít that something extra you save?
Moreover, products showcased through mobile commerce in India are sold at quite subsidized rates. So, you can see yourself in a win-win situation by walking towards m-commerce. Do you still want to give it a thought?

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